Brick Exterior Updates

All materials wear out over time, even materials that are seemingly indestructible and long-lasting, such as brick. If your home or office's brick exterior is looking the worse for the wear, call Northern Colorado Painting. Our team offers the best in interior and exterior painting throughout Northern Colorado. Learn more below, and call for a free estimate today!

Reasons to Repaint Your Brick Building's Exterior

  • Boosts curb appeal. Everyone wants a home or office that is visually pleasing. This not only brings you joy, but it presents a positive first impression to all who visit your home or office.
  • Protects the brick from the elements. A fresh coat of paint acts as a sealant, helping to ward off rain and snow that can damage your brick.
  • Easier to clean. Unpainted brick can look dingy over time because dirt, dust, and grime get stuck in its natural porous texture.

What to Know About Painting Brick Exteriors

  • Paint won't wear off. The paint we use at our local painting company won't wear off easily. It will last as long as any painted exterior, typically from seven to 10 years.
  • Be wary of invaders. Dirt and mold can stick to paint and, depending on the color, can be seen more easily.
  • Colorado weather can take its toll. Just like any painted exterior, the weather in Colorado can wreak havoc on your painted brick exterior. Call our local painting company for an estimate today.

Our Brick Exterior Painting Process

First, we'll arrive at your Northern Colorado home or office space to offer a free estimate. Once you choose us for your brick exterior paint service, we'll begin by cleaning your brick of all dirt and grime. Then we'll tape off the brick and prime it for paint. Once the prep work has been finished, we'll paint your brick exterior the color of your choice, and clean up afterward.